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The Story Behind Treyzone

People often ask me this question "What is Trey Zone?"  Whenever I'm faced with this question, I always answer the same way.  I shake my head, give a little chuckle, and tell them that Trey Zone is:

A site for students to relax and take a break off a hard day of school.  It is for the student and by the student.  Our opinion is that a student will slack off with our site or with out it, we are just taking advantage of the large open market.  We don't hack the school network, we do not break any rules.  This site is not for us, it is for the students.  It is a hobby of mine and with Trey's and my graduation from Seaholm High School, People are wondering what will happen to the site.  Will we keep the site up?  Hell YEA! Why not?  As long as we have advertisers paying for the cost of the site, I will Continue to support it and grow it.  Thank you everyone who helped spread the word and promote our site, We thank you very much for allowing us to give you a way out of class and a enjoyable alternative.

David Reed

and Trey,,,,,,,

This is a fun website but is not to be used during class without the permission of the teacher in your class. Please respect the rules to avoid any punishment to yourself and the creators/ maintainers of the site. Enjoy the site.

Thank you for your support,

David Reed
Trey Wanicke

For Advertising Information, Please Contact the site administrator at and all other domains associated with it are not responsible for students breaking school rules/electronic use policies.  It is your choice to use this website.

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